11 July 2024

“Avvocatura made in Italy, ecco i legali che hanno scelto l’estero” – published by Italia Oggi

GSK Stockmann has been mentioned by Italia Oggi, an Italian daily newspaper that focuses on economic, legal, and political news. The article reports on legal professionals who have decided to pursue their careers abroad.

Among the various legal professionals who shared their experiences and views on studying or working abroad, senior associate Andrea Carraretto stated that “the current European market allows legal professionals to enrich the excellent legal education provided by Italian universities with international professional experiences. This opportunity is particularly evident in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where deals often involve multiple jurisdictions and require working and collaborating in different languages. To effectively operate in this highly international environment, the office of GSK Stockmann is composed by lawyers that are from, and have studied in, various parts of the world. In addition, the particular focus of GSK Stockmann on the Italian market has led to the creation of an Italian Desk, which includes, among others, lawyers qualified in Italy or Luxembourg. As Avocat à la Cour in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, I work with the other members of the Italian Desk to allow our Italian clients and colleagues to interact with the Luxembourg market collaborating with professionals that have studied in Italy, learning its language, culture, environment and business practices.”

The article was published by Italia Oggi and is available for download as a PDF file.


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