12 June 2024

GSK Stockmann contributed to the publication of the new edition of the “Droit bancaire et financier au Luxembourg 2024”

The new edition of the “Droit bancaire et financier au Luxembourg 2024” comprises six volumes and was published the Association luxembourgeoise des juristes de droit bancaire (ALJB).

ALJB is a non-profit association created on 2 April 1982 under Luxembourg law . Its purpose is to promote the study and knowledge of banking and financial law. In particular, it aims to promote communication and the exchange of ideas between its members through regular meetings, to organise conferences and debates, to publish articles and books dealing with legal issues of interest to the banking and financial sector and to monitor Luxembourg legislative and regulatory developments. It also establishes contacts with associations with a similar purpose.

Andreas Heinzmann and Christoforos Naziroglou published on “Capital markets law in Luxembourg – lex specialis to traditional private law concepts?”

Dr. Manuel Fernandez published on “Le principe de neutralité technologique et la réglementation des activités dites «Fintechs» – droit européen, droit luxembourgeois”

Further information regarding the new edition is available here.


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