15 Sep

Art exhibition Track 04 presenting the SIXTHFLOOR

GSK Stockmann, 44 Avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg

GSK Stockmann is opening its doors to showcase work by the Luxembourgish art collective the SIXTHFLOOR under the title Track 04.

Track 04 is the fourth exhibition in the Luxembourg office of GSK Stockmann – presenting the SIXTHFLOOR, a Luxembourg art collective created by six artist friends back in 2001, curated by Brigitte Tesch-Arendt. The title Track refers to the initial place of exhibition, a long corridor in the premises of GSK Stockmann.

The SIXTHFLOOR is located in the western part of the Luxemburgish countryside quite close to the Belgian border. In the middle of the surrounding forests, the now seven members, Lukas Arons, Nadine Cloos, Tom Flick, Katarzyna Kot-Bach, Patrick Meyer, Joachim van der Vlugt and Wouter van der Vlugt are working on a daily basis with materials such as clay, wood, stone, bronze, plaster, aluminium, acrylic and oil paint.

The SIXTHFLOOR’s motto “one for all and all for one” is based on the famous words of Alexandre Dumas. The common goal of the SIXTHFLOOR collective is not only to promote the individual artist members but also the collective, as a group, and even its invited guests. Guest artists, both young and already established ones, have been exhibiting on the Piazza in Koerich and shared their work with a loyal audience. For many years now, the SIXTHFLOOR is completely economically independent and self-supporting in all its activities. During the 20 years of its existence, the SIXTHFLOOR has been hosting a wide range of art exhibitions, concerts, performances and the international Muse Symposium which, since 2007, is organized every three years.

The art exhibition runs until Friday, 22 October 2021 and is open by appointment only: +352 271802-00 or events@gsk-lux.com

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