25 Mar

GSK Stockmann at the webinar “Securitisation: How to stay compliant?”


Securitisation webinar taking place on 25 March 2021.

Experts will review the rules of good conduct to be respected and the precautions to be taken in your cross-border activities. The event is organized by FINIX EVENTS.

Dr. Manuel Fernandez, Local Partner at GSK Stockmann in Luxembourg, will be speaker in the session “Securitisation: How to do it and how to do it properly?”. He will in paricularly cover the following:

  • Recognition of securitisation vehicles in Luxembourg law
  • European regulation of securitisation
  • How are securitisation companies treated for tax purposes?
  • Risks for Luxembourg professionals and their clients in case of misuse of a Luxembourg securitisation
  • Securitisation company and AML
  • Rules of good conduct for structuring a securitisation company
  • For which types of transactions is the creation of a securitisation vehicle appropriate?
  • Recent legislative and regulatory developments in the field of securitisation

The webinar will be held in French language.

Further information about the event and how to register can be found here.

Contact person

Dr. Manuel Fernandez


+352 271802-31


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