03 Feb

GSK Stockmann at the LuxFLAG Sustainable Finance webinar series focusing on “SFDR in the spotlight – are asset managers ready for 10 March 2021”


GSK Stockmann is partner of the LuxFLAG event “SFDR in the spotlight – are asset managers ready for 10 March 2021”, taking place online on 03 February 2021.

By 10 March 2021 at the latest, all investment funds and Investment Fund Managers will have to comply with the main provisions of the SFDR. All investment funds and sub-funds and in fact all financial products offered to retail and institutional investors, must adapt their offering documents to the new requirements stemming from SFDR.

The webinar will provide details on where to start and how to adapt your financial products offered to retail and institutional investors to the new requirements. Experts will discuss the different disclosure requirements and how to implement them from a practical perspective. In three case studies, the implementation of SFDR will be discussed by different asset managers in their respective product range.

The topic includes:

  • Road to 10th March: where do we stand?
  • Fast track process of CSSF
  • The application of SFDR to AIFs
  • The actual meaning of “promotion” for Art.8 funds
  • The necessity to use PAB or CTB benchmarks for Art.9 funds
  • Experiences from other jurisdictions / regulators apart from the CSSF
  • Comments / observations on AMF guidelines
  • Brexit and SFDR
  • Preparation towards principal adverse impacts which are applicable after 2022
  • ALFI/other trade associations/EFAMA guidelines on prospectus amendments

The webinar will take place in partnership with three law firms in Luxembourg; the session with GSK Stockmann will be on 03 February 2021 from 11:00 to 12:00. Further information about the webinar and details regarding registration can be found here.

Participants may also be interested in ALFI member briefing on SFDR scheduled on 02 February 2021.

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