15 Nov

Art exhibition Track 06 presenting Stick and Philippe Lamesch

44, Avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg

GSK Stockmann is opening its doors to showcase work by the Luxembourgish artists Stick and Philippe Lamesch under the title Track 06 – curated by Sumo.

Track 06 is the sixth exhibition in the Luxembourg office of GSK Stockmann – presenting Stick and Philippe Lamesch, two local artists of international reach. The title Track refers to the initial place of exhibition, a long corridor in the premises of GSK Stockmann.

Stick and Philippe Lamesch are both masters at turning found objects into captivating works. While their methods differ, they share a common talent: breathing new stories into used and discarded items. These once-forgotten objects now tell fresh tales, each with its unique voice. Philippe Lamesch’s vibrant compositions blend traditional printmaking with collages crafted from posters collected worldwide. These artworks capture the spirit of the cities where he collects materials and enchant viewers by reinterpreting the urban energy. Stick presents his canvas and wood paintings, along with combos that blend paintings with objects collected during graffiti adventures. These creations reflect Stick’s quest to capture the emotions of a graffiti writer, finding beauty in decay, abandoned places, yards, and weathered walls.

What unites these artists is their deep connection to the streets, the fleeting, and the discarded. Through their unique perspectives, they reveal the beauty within urban chaos. In their hands, creation revives forgotten relics. Track 06 reminds us that every act of creation inherently involves an act of deconstruction. Join us on this journey where the past awakens, and the streets share their stories anew.

The art exhibition runs until 26 January 2024 and is open by appointment only: +352 271802-00 or events@gsk-lux.com

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