07 July 2021

GSK Stockmann contributed to the publication of the handbook “Green Ethica” published by EFPA Luxembourg

In cooperation with more than 50 co-authors and more than 30 corporates, EFPA Luxembourg has published the first edition of its handbook “Green Ethica”.

EFPA is the leading professional standards setting body for financial advisors and planners in Europe, building public confidence and trust. EFPA influences the market behaviour of its certificate holders guiding these professionals in knowledge, skills, lifelong learning, behaviour and ethics. EFPA has a code of professional ethics with which certificate holders must comply.

The handbook provides a 360° point of view over the landscape of Green Finance – from the history of Sustainable Finance to its regulatory environment, from the influence of the Corporate Social Responsibility to the integration of the ESG criterion in the investment processes, from the products already available on the market for creating greener portfolios to the next challenges the financial centers will be asked to solve. It covers the following:

  • Part 1: Key definitions, developments and drivers
  • Part 2: EU legal framework on the integration of ESG factors
  • Part 3: Implications at the companies’ level
  • Part 4: Impacts on financial strategies
  • Part 5: Green finance: Financial products and services
  • Part 6: The next steps

GSK Stockmann contributed to the publication of the handbook: Dr. Marcus Peter (Partner at GSK Stockmann in Luxembourg) and Irina Stoliarova (Senior Associate at GSK Stockmann in Luxembourg) contributed to “Part 3: Implications at the companies’ level” and composed the chapter “Strategy: inclusion of ESG and CSR main strategic principles”.

Further information regarding the handbook is available on the EFPA website.


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