26 November 2020

GSK Stockmann makes Christmas donation to Fondation EME in Luxembourg

Corporate and social responsibility is part of GSK Stockmann’s firm culture. Therefore, every year one of the six GSK Stockmann offices takes the responsibility to select a fundraising project in the context of a Christmas donation. On the occasion of this year’s Christmas donation, the Fondation EME in Luxembourg was selected.

In November 2020 and due to the current situation, the donation cheque of EUR 5,555.00 was provided to the Fondation EME followed by a virtual meeting with Andreas Heinzmann, Dr. Marcel Bartnik and Beate Dünschede from the Luxembourg office of GSK Stockmann as well as Dominique Hansen, Director at the Fondation EME, Sarah Bergdoll, Project Manager at the Fondation EME and Marie Caillet, Business Development Manager at the Philharmonie Luxembourg.

The Fondation EME was founded in 2009 by the Philharmonie Luxembourg with the aim to bring music to people in places where they usually do not have the opportunity to listen to concerts or participate in musical activities, such as hospitals, retirement homes and hospices, immigration centres, prisons, and care institutions for people with special needs. The activities of the Fondation EME mainly focus on seniors, sick persons as well as disabled and socially disadvantaged people. The various projects and concerts are given by professional musicians. As the current situation particularly requires protecting the vulnerable, concerts are taking place in new formats with new technologies allowing everyone to enjoy a concert.

“Due to our corporate membership with the Philharmonie in Luxembourg, we had the pleasure to being introduced to the Fondation EME and its projects. We are proud to support the Fondation EME with our Christmas donation and to contribute to the approach of bringing music to those who do not have access to it”, explains Andreas Heinzmann, Partner at GSK Stockmann in Luxembourg.

“Music is a universal language bringing joy to people, especially in these challenging times. Therefore, every donation helps us to operate and to connect people with music”, says Dominique Hansen, Director of the Fondation EME.

Further information regarding the Fondation EME and on how to donate can be found on the following website: http://www.fondation-eme.lu

Previous GSK Stockmann Christmas donations include:

2016: SchlauFox e.V. (Hamburg office)

2017: Adler helfen Menschen e.V. (Heidelberg office)

2018: Alzheimer-Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main e.V. (Frankfurt/M. office)

2019: LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V. (Munich office)


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