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Market conditions and requirements

Advising clients on their international undertakings requires a deep understanding of the legal, economic and cultural aspects of our increasingly globalised market. Our international Desks have been established to serve our clients’ global requirements, providing a seamless service from GSK lawyers with expertise in their relevant region.

Our offer

The GSK Desk UK is a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the country’s legal and regulatory framework, as well as the key markets. Most of our lawyers have lived or studied in the UK.  Our specialists advise clients on their activities in the UK and, conversely, UK companies on doing business and investing in Germany or Luxembourg.

We maintain strong relationships with law firms across the UK that have been tried and tested in a wide range of cross-border issues. This resource and our connections allow us to provide clients with a seamless service from individually selected teams of lawyers tailored to meet their specific requirements.

The GSK Desk UK is coordinated by Olaf Jacobsen and Olaf Schmechel.

Olaf Jacobsen
+49 69 710003-224

Dr. Olaf Schmechel
+49 30 203907-15

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