14 July 2022

Interview with Dr. Phillip Mössner about Cannabis

Making money from new-age agriculture

Possession and use of Cannabis related agricultural products are becoming more and more mainstream for health, industrial and recreational usage. Here in Luxembourg, this increased acceptance has been reflected in very recently proposed legislation decriminalizing the ownership, use and even cultivation of small quantities of cannabis products for private personal usage. Considering this greater acceptance and with the full range of cannabis products coming into the marketplace offering potential for very high investor profits, now might be a good time for adventurous investors to start to consider to include cannabis related products in their portfolio of diverse investments. But clearly major hurdles remain. National laws concerning the legality of cannabis products are not yet harmonized with different jurisdictions taking different positions. So before you invest, it is best to know what is legal where and what changes are being considered in which jurisdictions to ensure that to make sure that you have mitigated all possible risks.

To give us a good picture of the current situation and near-term trends, American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg (AMCHAM) has approached Dr. Philipp Mössner, partner at the law firm GSK Stockmann in Luxembourg, and he has kindly agreed to discuss these issues.

AMCHAM is an international voluntary organization of business and professional persons committed to fostering business relations between the United States and Luxembourg, promoting cross-cultural understanding and enhancing the quality of life of Americans and other expatriates who live and work in the Grand Duchy.

The interview was originally published by AMCHAM; the full interview is free to access on the AMCHAM website.


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